by Jaahnvi Judit Hildebrandt

Just express Yourself through Art!

Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda!

Judit Hildebrandt, also known as Jaahnvi

A Hungarian born artist, specializing in spiritual art work. Her work has been commissioned for many years by various spiritual organizations and private individuals.  By way of example, a spiritual center SPN in Germany,  led by Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda in Springen, various chapels with icon paintings and private individuals, a yoga center in Denmark, an Ayurvedic center in Mexico and Tempel on Lanzarote. For many years, she has taught several painting workshops for adults and children for icon paintings, intuitive paintings, and spiritual paintings of various denominations. She has been working on her art and teaching since 1985.  She has exhibited her work extensively in Budapest, Zürich, Rome, Baden-Baden, Interlaken and many other places in Europe.


Message from the artist

My task as a painter/artist is to get in touch with the energies of the Divine, to live and feel through them. With the energy and blessing I receive while painting the images and this images reflect the presence of the different deities. The artist who is being creative  and working in this way becomes one with the object ,becomes one with the creation through concentration and meditation.This kind of images act like windows to the divine, allowing the viewer to perceive an inner connection. Painting is a form of spiritual practice that allows us to express our devotion to the Divine through art. It is an active meditation in which we connect with the Saints and Deities as we paint them from our hearts and in the stillness of the mind.




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