The artist who is working creative becomes one with the object, becomes one with the creation through concentration and meditation. These kind of images act like windows to the divine, allowing the viewer to perceive an inner connection.

True Art is always being created out of a meditative soul, connecting to the Divine.

All these pictures, as well as new pictures of deities, can be custom-ordered as original oil paintings.

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After a creative phase of doing spiritual images and angels, I discovered the art of the Hindu deity painting. When I met my spiritual Master, Paramahamsa Sri Swami Vishwananda, I started on my spiritual path of Hinduism and learned about the different deities.

I also started practising a meditation technique called Atma Kriya Yoga. This practise helped me to develop an inner connection which allowed me to paint new artistic works.

It was a wonderful experience to see connections between religions through art. I was able to see the different aspects of the Divine Mother in the Christian tradition and spiritual spheres, as well as the similarity to different goddess images in Hinduism.

 All these paintings can be custom-ordered in original formats (oil painting), as well as new paintings, or canvas print.

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I love flowers as they are the creation of God. I have been painting them for many years with different techniques (on silk, with tempera and oil).

In the beginning, the images were more naturalistic. Later, I created images from within, they are now more eternal and transcendental. Here you can see a small selection.

Flower pictures can be ordered individually, in all sizes.

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Painting icons is a prayer, it is a spiritual experience.

In 2005, I learned about icon painting which fascinated me very much. Icons are a simple, clear representational style of painting found in the Orthodox Church.

In earlier times, only monks were allowed to paint icons. Their painting was done as a meditation and prayer. In current times, icons have been rediscovered as an artistic form. Icon painting follows fixed rules regarding form and drawing. However, the colours can be different and more individual.

In the Icons Painting courses everyone can learn this simple way of painting. It calms the mind and is a form of meditation.

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The techniques of Icons can be ordered individually, such as Mary and child, angels, Saint Nicholas etc. In the Icons painting courses everyone can learn this simple way of painting. It calms the mind and it is a kind of meditation.

Wall Painting Projects

Painting on walls is a wonderful way beautify a room and anchor the divine energy of a particular form. These are some examples of meditation rooms, temples and private places where wall painting can be done.

All wall painting is done in cooperation and agreement with the owner. Price quotes and size on request.


DOME Project (Yoga Center Danmark)

The architecture of this yoga room is unique. It is called The Dome. It is a dodecahedron, made of 12 pentagons, 5 corners.

This beautiful geometric room really “vibrates” by itself, with its harmonizing and healing vibration. Also playing music in this room, the sound has a special effect.

The design consists of various images of saints and gods in the form of prints: Lakshmi, Dhanvantari, Divine Mother, Radha Krishna, Sita Ram, etc. The backgrounds have been painted directly on the wall.

The lower part is rich in colour and ornaments to keep the balance in the composition. The vibration of these colours is in the round room is experienced by the visitors. These Divine paintings and colours in this sacred form have a different effect and intensify the visual experience.

It is beautiful to see how art helps to experience the Divine and brings people together on the spiritual path.