Experience your own creativity by painting spiritual motifs, through love and devotion. We learn  to activat our intuition and creativity and learn to see more consciously. As a spiritual painter, part of my job is to pass on my experiences in seminars. I teach you individually and teach many different painting techniques. Painting has a healing effect on us and helps to perceive the inner and outside world more consciously.

*New icon painting*Hindu Painting*Intuitiv Painting*Angel Painting*To learn Drawing*

  • 1 houer 18,00€
  • 4 houres Workshop 60,00€
  • 1 day workshop 120,00€
  • 2,5 day Seminar 290,00€

Incl. Material, without bruch

INFO: judit.hildebrandt@t-online.de or jaahnvi12@gmail.com  or 0049/1783204827

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