The protection cards are a collection of 47 different spiritual images and angels. In the book there is a description of meaning and meditation for each picture.

All the cards & Book (german)
Format: 5.5 cm x 8.5 cm laminated.

The small cards printed with the angel motifs have a high vibration due to the energy of the original paintings. The beautiful, colorful representations of angels, masters, Madonnas, saints and various spiritual themes have a harmonizing and positive effect on the soul of people.

Ananda Moyi Ma, Aquamarin, Aquarian, Babaji, Dhanvantari, Angel of Abudance, Angel of healing, Angel of transformation, Attendant, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Gabriel, Arch. Jophiel, Arch. Metatron, Arch. Michael, Arch. Raphael, Maria, Maria in blue, Maria/dawn, Music Angel, Arch. Uriel, Arch. Zadkiel, Godess of spring, Gabriel/dawn, Divine Love, The holy grail, Angel of grail, Green Tara, Holy Communion, Angel of healing, Guardian on cosmic Law, Cross of healing, Heavenly Donation, Heavenly music, Isis, Jese Christ, Quan Yin, Maria